For many, selling their home typically takes months, and in some cases, even years. But what if you need to seal the deal in just a few weeks? Thankfully, this is possible and we’re going to give you some tips on how to make it happen. There are several reasons people need to sell their homes in a jiffy. Whether it is to relocate for their job, to take care of an elderly relative who is no longer able to care for themselves, or because of the financial burden imposed by their mortgage payments. The following are a few things you can do if you need to sell your home fast…

An Appealing Listing Price

Ideally, everyone would get top dollar for their home. However, if you need a fast closing, this might be a time when you’ll have to consider pricing your home more modestly– in some cases, this could even mean slightly below its current value. Fortunately, conservative listing prices typically generate multiple offers (some of which exceed asking price) and get the property sold promptly.

Establish A Deadline

If you’re hoping to quickly bring more buyers to the table, set a hard deadline for offers. Be sure to make this clear in your listing. Simply say that you will only be accepting offers until a certain date, even one as soon as one or two weeks after your listing goes live. No need to explain why you need to sell quickly– actually, you should avoid this as buyers will try to take advantage of your desperation. Just make your deadline known without any explanation and stick to it. The offers will soon be pouring in.

Sell To A House Flipper

The quickest sales are those that go to a flipper. Most of the time, these buyers allow you to sell the home as is, generally for cash, which removes the added burden of making expensive repairs you’ve been putting off. This kind of situation can be very appealing to those homeowners that need to get their home sold. However, there are a few downsides associated with selling to a flipper. Flippers practically demand below-market prices so that they are able to maximize their profits. Take the time to be sure that your flipper is not trying to low-ball you by comparing offers between one of two more investors.

Incentives Sell

There are sellers who offer cash for the buyer’s agent if they receive a full price offer by a certain date. Other incentives that work include offering buyers an appliance or furniture pieces if they act fast. TV’s, plants, security systems– all of these incentives can be appealing.

Sell To A Developer

If you want to sell without hassle and in a hurry, you might consider selling your home directly to a developer. Developers will purchase your home for its land value, then tear down the property and build a brand new one. This tends to be a good option for people that live in urban or suburban areas where land can be hard to find, and the homes are older, so their value has begun depreciating. This can benefit sellers as the condition of the home becomes irrelevant since it will soon be demolished. Unfortunately, this can be emotionally hard for some sellers as they know the place they once called home will no longer exist.

Steer Clear Of Guaranteed Sales Programs

You might see billboards or online ads that promise to sell your home within X amount of days or they will buy it– avoid them at all costs. This is nothing more than a scam. Here’s how this process usually goes down: a real estate agent will guarantee that they can sell your home in a certain time frame and in the event that it doesn’t sell, they will purchase it directly from you. While this might seem appealing, as you know your home will soon be sold, the agent often has no intention of putting the home on the market and will purchase it from you for bottom dollar.

Check With Your Neighbors

Prior to listing your home, reach out to your neighbors. They might be able to sell your home fast. Many times, people want to have their family or close friends living close so they are looking for homes for sale in their neighborhood. Being able to sell your home to a neighbor will expedite the process and you won’t have to worry about paying for advertising, marketing, or even an attorney’s fee depending on where you live.

Be Flexible

Prospective buyers may want to look at your home at 3 o’clock on a Sunday– let them. This is the best way to sell your home in a hurry. The ease of showing a home plays a big role in how quickly a home sells. When you have an interested buyer, jump on it. Do what you need to do to keep them interested and ready to seal the deal.

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